iPhone(iOS) vs Android

Speak about these two guys is there is no limit actually, people love to compare them in many ways start from the shape, operating system, built quality, feature and many more to be which one is the best. But first of all, the iPhone only made by Apple in California and Android is made by Google at Mountain View, both of them are operating system and many people compare them like they are same things, right now you should stop following them and start your own perspective about comparing these two fellows. They are Operating system bro! Yap, Android is an operating system which created by Google and Apple does too but with different OS it is iOS. Some people only compare iPhone who runs iOS with many kinds of Android vendor out there, they don’t even have a specific information about how to compare iOS and Android they just do it like they know which one is the good one. This is not fair I think because iPhone only runs iOS and made by Apple besides there are Samsung, LG, Asus, Xiaomi, and many more who runs Android with high specification. But let’s get a jump to the main agenda which is which one is for yourself about your own Operating System check this out, bro!

iOS is slightly faster than Android, is it true that iOS is faster than Android? I used to use Android before because it was slow and lag so I decide to change into the iOS device and this perception is completely true and no lies at all. To prove this statement you need to use both of them for about two weeks maybe so you will know the truth anyway if you are an Android user right now just try to use iOS and you will see the difference. For your information iOS is smoother than Android when launching apps or video games and there is no lag by the way.

Android is open source but iOS does not, Purchase or Free download? absolutely no one will reject free, right? if I were you I won’t waste to have free chances of anything. Android is completely free in every situation when you hear a good song on the internet and you can just download it right from your browser but this is not working on iOS because you will redirect into iTunes as your music browser and you have to pay for the songs. what? talk about the purchase, some apps on iOS device is paid but on Android, it is free, what the heck? Anyway if you don’t want to pay for your daily apps or games or the other things perhaps Android will fit you but if you want something that is exclusive iOS is good for you dude.

iOS more secure than Android, actually don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Anyway, since Android become an open source operating system there are billions of malware on the internet who has ready to hack your phone system in many different ways like a virus, blank screen, and many others. iOS is more secure than Android, how is it possible? iOS developed by Apple always check their system every single time and if there is a new app will launch on the App Store they will check it first. On iOS you cannot download freely from the internet, you can download images or document only.

Android is high spec but iOS is balanced, in 2018 there are many Android vendors who compete each other to lead the market with high specification devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, and others to be the greatest Android phone, with all of that advantages they are clearly fighting against their kind LOL! but not for the iOS, the specification from iOS device is lower than Android but talks about the performance of iOS is faster than Android even iOS has a lower specification. Thanks to the device and also iOS itself makes a great combination between the device and the Operating system itself. Right now in the market, Android has 8 GB of RAM but iOS only made it until 4, a half right?

Apps, iOS gets it first then Android, Spoke from 2011 like Angry Birds, LINE, Instagram until 2018 like Fortnite, PUBG, and others app also games they come to iOS first. I was so surprised with this fact actually but that’s the truth, the developer prefer to launch their app on iOS first example one of the greatest MOBA game it is VainGlory, VainGlory from Super-Evil Megacorp decide to release their best game on iOS first and after several months later they have decided to release for the Android. For your information dude, in many cases there are some Apps does not exist on Google Play store but exist on App Store and otherwise too like there is an App on Google Play but not exist on App Store.

Most Android is cheaper but iOS slightly expensive, Perhaps this is why most people love Android, the Price! from low entry level until high entry-level Android is always there. From 1 million rupiah Android phone until lets say 15 million rupiah there is Android but not for iOS device, the cheapest iOS device right now if you want to buy in 2018 I mean since the device date launched in 2015 you need to pay for about 4 million rupiah with the capacity storage only 64 GB, wow otherwise in 2018 you can purchase 128 GB Android phone with that price.

So fellas, that’s all about iOS vs Android don’t get wrong with that perception anyway, all of that reasons is from my own perspective, if you have another reason for iOS vs Android please let me know with a comment down below. Cheerio folks! see you, PEACE!!!

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