How to start EDITING!

Hello everybody, it’s been a long time I have not to write on this website so it is glad to be back. Well, Julian is here and on this occasion, I would like to give you some tutorial about How to star EDITING! Just think that I am not going to teach you but I will suggest you if you want to start editing at this time.

First of all, I would like to ask you a question, what kind of media you like to edit? Photos/videos? If you prefer photos, you should mastery at least editing software for photo and otherwise for video too. Well let us talk about photos first, most people think editing a photo is simple and easy but actually to get the best perspective for the photo itself is difficult. Start with the angle, colour, contrast, exposure, shadows and many more, to get the best result we have to think with all of the elements in the photo. To do it, you need editing software like Adobe for editing photos on PC, VSCO/PicsArt on a mobile phone.

Now the first thing you have to do is import your photo, I recommend you to import the RAW photo because you can adjust to edit your photo with your choice.

The second one, try a little bit with the adjustment like exposure, contrast, highlight, shadows, black and white. Just try to increase or decrease until you get your own taste, next give a gaze for a minute and take a look at your photo, hmmm it is good enough? or need more adjustment? Just follow your soul when editing a photo. After that, give a bit set to the colour, hue, and highlight to your photo, and again take a look at your photo that you edited before. I suggest you, never get your photo over edit like the colour is to saturate and the highlight is too bright, the exposure too dark or there is no shadow in your photo. If you do this to your photo, thank god you will have ruined your own masterpiece! particularly there are photos looking good when it is over edited but rare.

Third, think for a moment to see your masterpiece, is it great enough or not? Anyway, just try basic editing if you at first-time edit photos because later on you will understand and you will know “What I am going to do with this photo” based on your choice and taste. If you want to start editing photos right now you will be better if your own software. I give you suggestions if you like use pc as your editing tools better using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, then if you like to edit your photo on your mobile phone using the VSCO, Afterlight, or even Snapseed. That editing software is very helpful if you want to learn to edit, especially for photos.

Previously, we have learned how to edit a photo, right now let us get a jump to editing videos. Similarly editing photo and video almost the same method but the difference editing video is harder than photos. The reason editing video harder than the photo is you need a passion for editing, actually 50-50 but a good video is when you watch it you understand the story as well as the processing while editing the video. You have to master the software first like editing photos software, it is okay if you have not pro enough but at least you know how to import your video, cut your video, and add music or add text to your video. In particular, to do this you need software to edit like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas on PC, Splice, VivaVideo, Kinemaster and many more on a mobile phone. Well let us get start it, I am going to tell you the editing on PC only, here we go;

The first step is to start with the basic one. I suggest you use Adobe Premiere Pro on your PC because the software is friendly as well as the user experience(display), at first perhaps you do not understand with the tools but you can highlight them by pointing the cursor to the tools. Try to import your videos, do not be afraid about what you are doing next just try to cut and add a piece of music to your videos. But if you think yourself need supervision to edit video, you can easily click on your tab browser and visit youtube for some tutorial basic to edit your videos.

Second is mastered the tools on the apps. I am a beginner to edit videos, at first, I did not know nothing about Adobe Premiere but later I learned every tools/tab on the apps and just like magic I know a bit about function for each tool on Adobe Premiere. I tell you, if you want to create something with your footage on Adobe Premiere, then you should learn or mastered the tools because you know what are you going to do when you have already know the tools.

Well, the conclusion is if you want to learn about editing photos or videos you need mastered the apps first, LOL. Just Kidding. You need to learn everything from editing like apps, technique, skills and taste, if you can find it your own style to edit, then you are damn good at it. Thank you for reading this article, I hope you enjoy it and visit Mountain X on YouTube and see some awkward videos.

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