Pinggan Village one the best Sunrise Spot in Kintamani!

Sunrise at Pinggan at 5:50, beautiful isn’t it???

Are you looking for the best spot for sunrise? especially at Kintamani, Bangli? I would like to suggest you to come to Pinggan Village. Pinggan Village located in Kintamani district and it is not too far from the Kintamani market, you need around 25 minutes to reach the place.

Do we have to pay if we would like to take some photos? Yes indeed, you need to pay 35 idr for the photoshoot for yourself. I don’t know how it is possible to pay for seeing the sunrise like this, LOL. 35 idr will be paid off by the landscape at Pinggan, the sunrise, the foggy, and the mountain all together gives different perspective for you if you like to take some photos over here. The only thing we should take care of is our body from getting cold, the air is extremely freeze and probably you need 2 or more jacket if you plan to come early in the morning.

Besides we can watch the sunrise, we can have a camp as well at Pinggan sunrise spot. I did not ask for the price if we camp here but there must be cheap. If you have a plan or right now you are around Kintamani, make sure you did not miss this place especially in the morning. Well, that’s all about Pinggan at Kintamani. Cherrio!!!

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